My Favorite Crochet Patterns for Amigurumi Dolls

Yarn Wave Shop on Etsy

The Yarn Wave Shop on Etsy has wonderful Amigurumi patterns for stuffed animals and dolls. The shop owner is from Alytus, Lithuania and has been creating lovely patterns for crochet on Etsy since 2014. I love her Emma doll and I’m making one for my own Shop to sell. This is a paid pattern but well worth the price. The doll is called “Emma”.

Knit A Miracle by Nelly Shkuro

This is the first Amigurumi doll pattern I ever tried and I was thrilled at my results. This pattern has detailed written instructions with lots of images to show how it should look. Try this one and you’ll love it. For this doll I ordered 8/8 cotton sport yarn from

Rainbow Connex on Etsy

I ordered this crochet pattern of this sweet warrior princess on Etsy from Rainbow Connex. This pattern is called ” Reyla~ The Adventuress “. I haven’t tried this pattern yet but I’m looking forward to making her.

I love her outfit and her hair. Those boots are so cute! This is a paid pattern on Etsy and you can download the PDF file and get started on this cute doll.

Egyptian Crafter Shop

This was the 2nd doll I every attempted. It comes from Egyptian Crafter Shop in Etsy. She is called “Sofia” dress up doll. The doll has removable shoes, dress and hat. You add heavy coated wire (that you can purchase at the hardware store) and insert them into her arms and head so that her arms can be posed. The wire also help keep her neck from being wobbly. This is a paid pattern.

Havva Designs on Etsy

I love the look of this sweet doll. Her name is “Mia”. She is dressed in a watermelon designed dress with a cute matching hat and shoes. I found this crochet Amigurumi pattern on Etsy. It’s a paid pattern with detailed written instructions in a PDF file. Some little girl would love this doll.